Wednesday, 26 November 2014

blightking no.2

Hello guys blight king no2 is under way, a more heroic (if nurgle can be heroic?) pose this time atop a large rock
The painting will start soon. this time I plan to paint it in warmer putrid tones a good contrast and vibe to the previous cold dead blight king I named glom flyborn . I haven't chose a name for this one yet I will have to wait until the paint brings it to life to decide.
More very soon

Saturday, 22 November 2014

blightking extra pics

Hey guys I took some better pics of the blightking. It will also be up on cmon very soon so please vote. thanks

Thursday, 20 November 2014


OK so as mentioned in my previous post I was waiting for a new bulb for my lamp, today it finally arrived so I replaced the old for new switched it on and nothing! wait there must be something ive missed..... check it is all fitted properly.....nothing.......ok a new fuse......still nothing....ok take it apart check inside...nothing.... check it all again....nothing    noooooooooo!!!! good bye lamp thanks for the good times. HA HA

ok so a bit of fun the lamp is busted for good so will need to get a new one, a bit of a bummer as I was quite looking forward to getting started on the next blightking.
more soon guys hopefully the blightking.
and r.i.p lamp

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Blightking Finished

Hey guys I just finished the first blightking this one is painted in cool tones, I plan to start the next one very soon in warmer putrid tones, nice! I hope you like it a fun mini to paint I highly recommend getting some of these. sorry for not posting any w.i.p pics my lamp is busted and im waiting for a new bulb to arrive in the mail so had to borrow one to take some quick pics.

Hope you like it I will take some better pics when I get my lamp sorted.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Blightking

Good day fellow brush lickers I recently bought a pack of putrid blightkings by GW, I must say it is a very nice kit with loads of options to make them how you wish. my only gripe was that some of the parts could be more interchangeable the sword and head I wanted  to use didn't fit with the torso etc but none the less a some cool miniatures and its nothing a little green stuff cant fix. given the popularity of the nurgle lord mini a few years ago I can see this kit being very popular. I don't think there is a painter alive that didn't paint or convert a version of that mini.

I made two minis from the box converted with a head and arm swap and a little green stuff, I plan to paint the one above with cool colours and a snow base and the seconed with the sword in warmer tones, in fact I have already started painting the one above and im really enjoying the painting, Im not trying to do the best cleanest paint job in the world just trying to have fun with the different pale tones and contrast but you will see in the next post when I take some pics.
more soon guys. peace