Friday, 28 October 2011

Chop chop!


 Just a quick snap of the axe for you. Not had much luck taking pics of it the metal is reflective and so hard too photograph. It didnt quite turn out the way i wanted  but its not bad, plus the wife kept complaing the house was cold so she put the heating on full power and the paint was drying way too fast to work with.

Im Starting the base next ,need to make some icicles as its going to be a snow base and i want to have icicles hanging from the overhanging stones at the front.
The next pics will probably be of the finished mini so that will be up next week for yall to see.
More soon, keep up the good work.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Nurgle Lord

Hello painting friends just a quick snap of the nurgle lord for you.

Started work on this one the other night been busy with work and very tierd so not had much energy to paint so progress is a bit slow at the moment. The flesh and armor are mostly done but need more work and some tidying up some parts so need to do that then on to the axe. Im looking foward to painting the axe very much i plan to make it look as textured as possible with lots of scratches and rust so there will be many many washes and highlights working over and over even if it takes a whole session to get done plus some blood stains..ummm nice!
Well i will have some more for you soon, think its going to be a snow base with lots of cold tones to contrast to the warm flesh of the mini.
more soon. keep painting people bd

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Nurgle lord W.I.P

Hello all, ive picked up one of the nurgle lord minis by GW that will be my next project. I must say its very nice, loving the new plastics by games workshop. Ive built a fancy base to really show him off plus its fun to build bases for me. So heres a few pics for you to see whats to come, cant wait to get some paint down on it. Just need to fix some of the bricks on the pillar with green stuff there are some with funny bumps on that need to be smoothed off. let me know any thoughts you may have or whatever. more soon.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Dreadnought up on CMON

Ive put the pics of my Dreadnought up on cool mini or not so please vote and leave a comment my friends. thank you all. Much love.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Very nice!

hey yal
I been out and bought some winsor & newton series 7 brushes today ive been using the standard gw ones up until now, did some painting tonight and i must say these brushes are ace. i can see why they are used by professional mini painters, there great and i recomend you pick some up if you havent all ready.

I also got hold of one of the new gw plastic kits the dark elf sorceres. The mini is fantastic and fits together perfectly with barely any prep work needed. so thumbs up GW for that. I will most deffinatly be picking up more of them soon.
Started work on the sorceres tonight. might paint her up in the standard way i like that scheme.

Also my 745.M41 duel entry is up on cmon so please vote or comment. I cant make any better pictures of it sadly like i said before im having trouble with camera software on the computer at the mo so they will have to do.
keep up the good work people.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

More pics

i tried to take some better pics of the dreadnought im not having much luck. Its hard to see the blending ive done with the white armor and alot of pics ive seen online else where it just looks plain white. grrrr!

There are some older pics in the golden demon gallery. (top of page) you can see some parts better. Think i may have to invest in a photoshop program for my pc or a better camera.

So here you go.