Friday, 30 October 2015

Asgrim the Dwarf W.I.P

Hey guys started work on asgrim the dwarf bust buy scibor miniatures hope you like. wall of pics incoming !!

As you can see still very early stages at the mo.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Space wolf dreadnought & Golden demon space marines

Woz up guys. this was my entry for golden demon space marines that i worked on over 2 months for the contest I got nothing for it, not even a finalist that i thought was odd as the small number of entry's maybe 20 in total to the vehicle category, anyway lets not talk about golden demon judging  as its a conundrum at the best of times, painted in the classic eavy metal style, not a conscious decision just the way the vibe took me at the time.

It was a fun day at least i enjoyed myself and was good to catch up with other painters I've not seen for a while. i liked the way the staff took away your model to be placed in the cabinet from a large table at the side. instead of the trying to hand your mini over the barriers with other people/boxes/elbows argh! a better system i thought.

The single model category was by far the largest amount of entry's as the normal GD and the other category's were alot less maybe 20-25 vehicle 15-20 squad and duel maybe 10? unbound category was very thin less that 10 entry's i would say. so personally i would have felt less pleased to win a demon from one of these very small category's but hey that's me. not to discredit anyone as the winners were very nice models. What i mean is i would have felt more pleased with myself to win a demon in a category where there was 100 entry's than 10 entry's, comprende !

so no demon for me but i did get a finalist pin in  space marine single model that was good as the large amount of entrants.

Not sure what i think of these small events maybe they will grow in time, but i had a good day thats the main thing.

peace out.

                                                         GREY KNIGHT FINALIST