Friday, 30 December 2011


Hey guys, hope you all had a good Christmas and some good times with family and friends. The new year is nearly here, lets all hope the mayan's where wrong and the world will not end in 2012 ha ha.
   Anyways i have some pics of my next project its the Beastman doombull by GW that i got from santa so thanks very much. Its a finecast miniature but i must be a very lucky boy because the mini is perfect, there are no air bubbles or rough parts which im very happy with. I also recived the new beastman Ghorgon/Cygor mini that is massive and will be a very big project to work on but that will be for another time when im ready for such a massive project.

Best wishes for the new year to you all.
more doombull soon
                                              (held together with bluetac here for the photo )

Monday, 19 December 2011

Merry Christmas one and all.

Hello to all and merry Christmas.

   I hope all your Christmas shopping is done and your all ready for crimbo and your not ill like me, I've got a terrible cold and have been through about a million cough sweets and lemsips all ready. not painting this week just trying to get better in time for Christmas so relaxing and wrapping presents.

Anyways i didn't quite know what to post on here for Christmas time! something miniatures related would be to obvious so i bring you some random stuff. Firstly some random pics that you may or may not find interesting (like i said strugling for ideas here) including one of my art works from a few years ago. then a song from my friend yoyo's band that kick ass, there called prosperina  he is the drummer. check them out if you like to rock out.

an old art work of mine (above)
my brothers place whith his many boxes of miniatures (my brother below)

And as its crimbo here's a classic christmas tune for you. Merry Christmas painting friends everywhere and a happy new year to you all. more miniatures soon have a good one.


Wizzard - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

Prosperina - Trees Have Eyes

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

wolf brother.

Hey guys some pics of the space wolf for you. I call him wolf brother as he was donated by my bro, i didn't add the servo skull in the end i felt it didn't add anything to the piece in fact it was quite distracting. so here you go.

As crimbo is nearly here i will have some random stuff on here soon for you. some photos and music and stuff like that so more very soon folks.

Monday, 12 December 2011

More space wolf

Hey guys, been busy lately with christmas shopping and work  and other stuff like that but managed to get the space wolf done. well 95% just need to add a little servo skull thing i made that was fun too build. So heres a quick pic, i will have some more soon for you. was about 20 hour paint job in the end so fairly fast. it was enjoyable to do thats the most important thing to have fun with your painting.
more soon.