Friday, 24 August 2012

Rise up you dead...

Rise up you dead.....Rise from your graves and avenge us...Man i loved that movie as a kid, i remember being mesmerized by the skeletons coming up out of the ground. Jason and the argonaut's classic film....

Anyway I've now finished the skeleton, it was just some fun after golden demon painting i like to paint fast some times to try and be more experimental and just have fun. The miniature is a skeleton warrior by GW that i did some simple conversion on, just repositioned the leg to make the pose more dynamic. hope you like it.

Golden demon UK is only 4 weeks away now so soon you will see some pics of my entry's. I've worked very hard on them but i wont get my hopes up. It was nice to win a demon last year but i wont put that pressure on myself. its strange when you win a demon,  I've wanted one for many years and now that i have one that hunger has some what diminished. and it easy to put that pressure of self expectancy upon yourself to win again. but  you must remember to paint and have fun, thats the most important thing.
more soon

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bad Bones

Hey guys its been a while since my last post so sorry for the lack of updates, theres been some crazyness in my life over the past few months with my grandfather passing away, my wife having an operation and me having a back injury but life seams to be getting back on track.

 Any how painting for golden demon is done for this year I've just finished my second entry ,i did intend too do 3 but with all the serious life stuff happening that wasn't possible so back to fun painting and less stress.

So I've just started work on a skeleton warrior, yeah its a simple miniature but i intend to have some fun with this one, I've repositioned the right leg to make the pose better as it was pretty boring before. i had to pin the leg which was a challenge in itself, have you ever tried to pin miniature bones together? its bloody hard, so tiny!
so will have some pics up soon for you just one of the base for now. its progressing very fast as its a simple mini so more very soon.
sorry again for my absence , keep up the good work.