Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Grey Knight W.I.P

Hello paint pals im feeling a little better now so have been working on this grey knight terminator. Also built a large broken arch over him from some plaster repair.
 I use plaster repair because it is a little softer than paster of parris and its easyer to carve into collums and stone work that you want to make. i just use a knife and pointy spike thing to carve.

There are still a few details to add to the scene before undercoating, a pillar of skulls on the back and a vent in the front plus patch up the pillar so tomorrow will get them on and undercoat ready for painting.
More soon guys

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Set Backs

Ok painting friends firstly i have to say sorry for the lack of updates here on the blog but things have not been good. For the past few weeks from before christmas i have not been well at all, i keep getting ill over and over with different things and have not been up to any painting plus now to top it off Ive got terrible tooth ache. (OUCH).
Hopefully i will be ok soon, i am missing painting very much but it has given me time to think about my painting and ideas for projects and competition pieces.
On the plus side it was my birthday the other day and i got some nice minis to paint so theres alot of painting to come.

                                      Soon i will rise again