Friday, 20 March 2015

NMM Grey knight W.I.P part 2

Hey guys painted some more of the grey knight,  i finised the silver on the legs in a previous session this time i worked on the nmm gold. It turned out ok im happy enough with it.
the gold was a simple colour recipe just snakebite leather white and glaze black into the shadows for the maximum contrast that is very important for nmm painting. also i found that its very important were the final highlight goes as this is the direct reflection of light. The whole thing could be a bit smoother but at this stage im still learning and trying to get everything in the right place first.
Next i will attack the torso.
more very soon
peace out!!!!!

Monday, 16 March 2015

NMM grey knight.

Hey guys hope your all good.
                                              Lately ive been studying NMM painting as its something ive always liked but never tried so i decided to finally give it a shot.
i spent many many hours studying others work on cmon and learning the theory behind it, the way light affects metal objects and all that brain melting stuff thats hard to get your head around but it seams to have payed off as im very pleased with what ive done so far.
anyone have any tips or suggestions/comments on what else i could improve on?
this was from my first session  about 4 hours work. i plan to do more tonight.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Blightking 3

YO YO YO !!!!!Hello guys  i have finished work on blight king no3 and must say sorry for the lack of updates and w.i.p stuff but ive just been concentrating on the fun side of painting lately, I painted this one in the classic nurgle green and with a woodland vibe which was alot of fun to work on.
 it was a fairly quick paint job i think about 25 hours hope you like it
more soon.