Wednesday, 28 September 2011

745.M41 Golden Demon finalist Duel category

Hello all,
Here are the some pics of my entry to duel category that made the finals. I had the idea for it just a few weeks before games day so i had to work like crazy to get it finished in time. Its based on the battle of Macragge where the ultramarines first company was wiped out to the last man at their polar fortress.

I got a finalist pin for it and also one for my terminator chaplain in open category so a good day for me. check my gallery for the chaplain pics.
There are some mould lines in the photos that were removed before GD and repainted thanks to my brothers eagle eyes also on the dreadnought aswell. I will put some new pics up in time when my photo upload software is working on the computer. so low quality pics at the mo sorry.

 keep painting people.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Games Day 2011 random pics

Hey guys here are some random pics i took at games day sorry there are not anymore miniature photos i was in too much shock from winning gold vehicle. Also most of the photos were not good from my camera.(click to enlarge)

                                 My brothers blood angels tank

my brother (Lee left) and me fat boy black dagger on the right.

                                                     : )  

Sunday, 25 September 2011

yay i win Gold 40k vehicle : )

A good day today, i won gold at the golden demons for my dreadnought im very happy : )

(its still not sunk in yet.) i also made the finals with my duel entry and open category.
My brother also made the final of 40k vehicle with his blood angels land raider but no demon for him sadly.
 man its been a very long day and im very tierd so here at last are the pics of my winning dreadnought.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Off we go

Everything is packed ready for games day im leaving at 7 in the morning for the drive up to Birmingham hopefully will have some better luck this year but u will have to watch this space and see. Im entering 40k vehicle ,duel and open category with a single mini so will be interesting to see what happens there. see you there guys and good luck with your entrys.
Here is a little peak at my entrys although the photo is not good.
Report back tomorrow.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

2 Days

1. Two days to go until games day and golden demon, everything is ready to go. so good luck to you if you are entering this year. see you there.

2. I will have photos of the day plus i will put my entrys up so you can check em out. boooooo!

3.My brother is also entering this year with a nice blood angels land raider that is heavily converted so will post some pics of that too.

Also i had some sad news this week an old friend from back in college days passed away he was way to young too die very sad news.  He was a good guy and also a very good graffitti painter so R.I.P TAKS the world is a good man down.

Sunday, 4 September 2011


Hello guys, Firstly sorry things have been a bit slak here on the blog like i said before i have been working on my golden demon entrys for this year and pushing my painting as hard as i can to get my 4 entrys done in time. There is less than 4 weeks left and im glad to now be finished in time so i can now relax and get back to some fun painting. Ive had a blast working on my entrys and have learned alot ,had to strip one mini of paint and start over that set me back a week it just happens like that sometimes.
My entry for duel category is just finished tonight its based on the Battle for Macragge and im very pleased with it. I will have pics of all the stuff up the day after golden demon plus some other photos of the day and hopefully some pics of the winners just for intrest.

Here is a w.i.p pic of a nurgle chaos Knight that ive just started on allthough he now has a differnt base from the pic, i will be working on him in the next few weeks up to gd just for fun.
keep painting people more soon.