Monday, 24 December 2012

                                                               MERRY CHRISTMAS

Hey guys just wanted to say a quick merry christmas to you all and happy holidays. hope you all get some nice miniatures to paint in the new year.

I will have more of the genestealer diorama soon.
keep up the good work in the new year and merry christmas.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

More stealer

Hey guys heres a quick photo of the stealer diorama. Progress is very slow at the momment ive hardly had any time to paint because my job is crazy busy this time of year and most days i come in from work and pass out, so tired. Anyway i will get some more done tonight as  ive have a day off work at last, so more soon.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Genestealer mini diorama build !

Hey guys i thought i would do something a little more in depth on the blog for you instead of the normal posting progress on a mini i'm painting. I'm going to walk you through how i made my latest project The genestealer mini diorama!

I wanted to do something more with the genestealer i mentioned in my previous post, i was intending to paint the mini as normal and place on a nice base but then i was having a clear out of some old boxes in the garage and found some scenery pieces from the old GW imperial firebase (the cardboard slot together with plastic parts one, if you've been around long enough to remember that!) The cogs in my head started to turn when i found a piece with a doorway and i pictured the stealer leering forth over a dead terminator. cool!! i picture the scene on a space hulk where the cooling tanks have ruptured and flooded the lower decks. or some imperial industrial area. its dark cold and very gloomy. so here we go.

First i bring the major components of the diorama together on the base to check they fit nicely and don't over crowd the base to much .In my vision the terminator is already dead and partly submerged in water so i marked the area in front of the door that i want to remove with marker pen.

I then removed the area with a stanley knife, its best to turn the base upside down and cut from underneath. I find thats the easiest way and your less likely to slip and hack of to much or even your finger AGH!!
Take your time if you do this theres no rush.
The next step is to cover the bottom of the base with plasticard as it will be filled with water effect and we don't want it running out all over the place. Then glue all the parts down to the base.
At this point i decided to change the dead terminator its from the space hulk box. Its only a scenery piece for a stealer to stand on Its lacking in a lot of detail and will bring the whole diorama down.
so i build a termi bust in the normal way then cut at an angle so he looks like hes half submerged. you need to position the arms in a naturally slumped way or it will look a bit odd when its finished.

Next i add the terminator and other details,so raid the bits box for what ever you can find. the pipes are old plastic lolly pop sticks!

The final step is to fill out the back of the base, as the genestealer will be emerging from the darkness this needs to be done. I use foam board and build a box at the back. then i added a second layer with plasticard to make it very square and smooth. Although it is not really part of the diorama its important to keep it tidy for the overall finish of the model.

Finally undercoat ready for painting.
Some things may be changed or added as i'm painting i tend to work back and forth a bit or have more ideas as the painting progresses.
 so guys hope you like this Little walk through. i will have more soon when i get some paint down on it. comments welcome

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Blood angels chaplain finished

Hey guys, i finished the blood angel chaplain tonight so hope you like. next i'm going to paint a genestealer also from the space hulk box as they are still mostly unpainted and are real nice minis in there. Ive got plans to do bigger things after christmas, I'm planning a diorama at the moment as its something i always wanted to do and also i find building and making bases alot of fun.
for now here are the pics of the chaplain, any comments welcome.

cheers bd

Friday, 9 November 2012

More Chaplain

Hey guys I've been mostly having a tidy up lately of my hobby stuff just so many boxes with odd bits and mixed up stuff in, but now its all organised and its much easyer to find stuff now cool!

So some more of the chaplain for you. There are some areas that need to be smartend up a bit but its mostly good, I'm quite pleased with it so far but what do you guys think?
I'm trying to improve on painting faces as I've tended to shy away from them in the past but its an area i need to improve on the most i think. (needs to be smoother i guess.) so some thoughts or comments would be great.
more soon guys keep up the good work.


Sunday, 28 October 2012

Terminator Chaplain 3

Hey guys.
        I've started work on another terminator chaplain, i seam to be developing a fondness for them as this is now the third I've painted. Think this will definitely be the last one for a while as its just repetition and not pushing my painting, but hey at least its fun. I'm using a space hulk termi the one with the open pose. I think its called brother cladio or something like that but ive cut the head out and gone with a bare head to give the mini some more character.
still at the early stages at the moment but will have some more soon for you.
peace out

Monday, 8 October 2012

World eaters lord

Hey guys this was my entry in to golden demon uk 40k monster category. it didnt get past the first cut. Never mind, i spent many hours on it hope you like it. Any comments would be most welcome as i always thought something wasnt quite right with it but could not figure out what! what do you think?

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Golden Demon gallery update

Added some pics of my entrys to golden demon gallery. There will be more soon

                                                               Warrior of the dead

Monday, 24 September 2012

Golden Demon uk 2012

Hey guys golden demon is now over for another year and man it was tough this year there were many very strong entrys, i made the finals of lord of the rings mini and 40 k single mini so no demon this year but 2 finalists pins is not to be sniffed at. i will have some photos of my stuff up soon so you can see. but if you want to see some of the entrys then you must check out

Friday, 24 August 2012

Rise up you dead...

Rise up you dead.....Rise from your graves and avenge us...Man i loved that movie as a kid, i remember being mesmerized by the skeletons coming up out of the ground. Jason and the argonaut's classic film....

Anyway I've now finished the skeleton, it was just some fun after golden demon painting i like to paint fast some times to try and be more experimental and just have fun. The miniature is a skeleton warrior by GW that i did some simple conversion on, just repositioned the leg to make the pose more dynamic. hope you like it.

Golden demon UK is only 4 weeks away now so soon you will see some pics of my entry's. I've worked very hard on them but i wont get my hopes up. It was nice to win a demon last year but i wont put that pressure on myself. its strange when you win a demon,  I've wanted one for many years and now that i have one that hunger has some what diminished. and it easy to put that pressure of self expectancy upon yourself to win again. but  you must remember to paint and have fun, thats the most important thing.
more soon

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bad Bones

Hey guys its been a while since my last post so sorry for the lack of updates, theres been some crazyness in my life over the past few months with my grandfather passing away, my wife having an operation and me having a back injury but life seams to be getting back on track.

 Any how painting for golden demon is done for this year I've just finished my second entry ,i did intend too do 3 but with all the serious life stuff happening that wasn't possible so back to fun painting and less stress.

So I've just started work on a skeleton warrior, yeah its a simple miniature but i intend to have some fun with this one, I've repositioned the right leg to make the pose better as it was pretty boring before. i had to pin the leg which was a challenge in itself, have you ever tried to pin miniature bones together? its bloody hard, so tiny!
so will have some pics up soon for you just one of the base for now. its progressing very fast as its a simple mini so more very soon.
sorry again for my absence , keep up the good work.

Friday, 22 June 2012

space wolf on ebay

Hey guys sorry for lack of updates things are crazy at the momment so not much going on. but i have put the space wolf on ebay for sale as my cabinet is bursting
more soon guys.
keep up the good work.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Hey guys sorry for the lack of updates on the blog. its golden demon time again. Ive been working on my first entry and doing a lot of converting and butchering of minis to got it ready for paint so not been doing much else, but i did get this space marine painted in a few hours just for fun. I think i spent about 8 hours on it in total so hope you like. I have also decided to sell a few of my older minis on ebay as my cabinet is starting to burst and I'm kind of tired of some of them but will have some more on that soon.
keep up the good work.

more soon.

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Winners Day

Hey guys. so Thursday i took a 3hour drive up to Nottingham for golden demon winners day on the Friday. I went the night before because i didn't Fancie leaving at 5 in the morning, after a terrible night sleep (in a hotel bed that felt like it was made of stone ) i arrived at gw hq to meet some of the other winners. it was cool to see the other guys work up close and in the flesh so to say, there really are no photos that do a mini any justice if you ask me,  all the guys were really friendly and spent time talking about painting and alot of looking a miniatures. Then some meeting of Gw design teams and artists that was cool.

After lunch we went to the miniatures hall to check out all the amazing minis that eavy metal team have painted over the years and talk to the mini designers and eavy metal guys. At the end of the day our minis were put on display in the miniatures hall and will be there for two months. so check out my dreadnought if you go to gw hq its on display until 10 of June.
A good day in all, and great to meet other painters. sadly i didn't have the right memory card for my camera so i could only take a few photos.

Friday, 23 March 2012


 Hey guys just some pics off krell lord of undeath by GW that Ive just finished. I painted him at speed, well probably about 8 hours i would say so that's pretty fast for me,( the grey knight took around 60 in total i would say) just painted for fun and to try new things, the colours don't all work but its nice to enjoy painting that's the best way to learn i would say. Ok its nearly the same as the one in white dwarf but still fun . Ive also started some work on a space marine veteran tonight also painting him for fun so will put some pics up soon. hope you like krell. More soon.

Monday, 12 March 2012


Hey guys.
              The grey knight is now finish and I'm very happy with the results, i hope you guys like it. I try and take some better pics on Sunday in real day light as this is the best light to see a mini that's painted mostly in metallic paint. you will be able to see the Armour much better. anyway i will put some pics on cmon next week and probably facebook eavy metal page. so please vote if you see it on cmon.

cheers guys keep up the good work.  :)

Monday, 5 March 2012

The knight , letter, winners day.

Hey guys some more of the grey knight for you, I'm almost finished with him just the banner thing left to paint and a few bits here and there. Also i received a letter from games workshop today, i will be going to Nottingham at the end of march for winners day at GW HQ. Basically i get to spend the day theres a tour and my dreadnought will be placed on display in the miniatures hall for two months. So if you visit you will be able to see it in the flesh. also i will take some photos on the day for you to see.

More soon guys, hope you like the grey knight so far.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Mystical Sword

Hey guys been working on the sword. I didn't do the o.s.l in the end as it would not look right on the mini. There are too many light tones of paint with the silver armor and pale tabbard, and too have a strong lighting effect on it might look a bit odd. The armor would have to be darker in order for the effect to look right so decided to do an energy field effect that was fun too paint. I'm not done on the sword yet though there is some neatening up and a bit of shading to add some contrast although it will be quite subtle it should make a lot of difference. Ive also added a bit of purple in there with the blue to make it a bit more interesting and mystical. happy with it so far. More soon guys  :)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Heads up!

Hey guys just a quick heads up. Apparently there is going to be a shake up of the citadel paints range if you use these i suggest you stock up on your favourite colours before they are discontinued.   There is going to be some base and layer colours don't know what there about but they are meant to be coming out in the near future. so stock up them favourites before there gone forever.

Monday, 13 February 2012

A few days off.

Hey guys just a quick post to let you know that i will be going into hospital for some dental work so wont be anymore grey knight for the rest off the week probably.
i know it sounds a bit extreme for dental work but this tooth has caused massive problems including a major jaw infection that was the most pain i have ever felt in my entire life. They have already failed to remove it once so this time im going too be put to sleep. so a sore face and some rest.

There will be more grey knight soon.
wish me luck

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Knights and snow

Hello all.
               Ive done some more work on the grey knight, progress is a little slow as the many weeks i had off from painting from being ill have made me a little rusty so taking a bit more time but will soon be back in full swing no doubt. The sword will be next and i plan to do some o.s.l from the sword that will be a lot of fun. I've done a bit of o.s.l in the past and is something that i love to do.
There will only be a small amount probably just some reflection points on the edges of the Armour but i will have to see where the mood takes me at the time.
Also its snowing again and that makes my life a small hell because i work out doors all day so i will be freezing my arse off some more, but the snow is very beautiful to me also, its just not good too work in.

more soon guys keep up the good work. hope you don't get snowed in.