Saturday, 29 March 2014

Hello guys nearly finished now! just some more layers of water effect to add to the base and then i will try my best to take some good pictures.but here i guess are some preview pics for you. hope you like it ive busted my balls on this mini dont think ive ever put so much effort in to one mini. final pics for you soon!!!
peace out!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Griffins base!

Hello guys, just a quick few pics of the base for the griffin. Its been a long time since i made a large warhammer base its mostly been a sci-fi 40k vibe so its refreshing to do something along different lines, and good fun. I've used bark from a birch tree on the base, i used to use it alot for baseing. The rest of the rocks are smashed plaster bits and i also added a lost treasure chest with a few coins. There will be water fall and pool at the bottom around the chest so lots of areas of interest for the eye.
get some paint down on it very soon.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Feathers and Fur

Hello guys,
                 some more griffin for you. I have now pretty much finished painting on the griffin the cat part of the mini was a lot of fun to paint although a bit time consuming, i painted the fur buy first doing the blending in the normal way up to the midtone then kind of a wet stipple with an old brush up to the lighter colours. good fun!
I said last post that i would show you a photo of the base. (no i did not forget) i decided that the standard base that is supplied with the mini was a bit small so im going to make a bigger fancier base as the the wing span of the griffin is quite big and dwarfs the base and does not make for good composition. So will now have to start over with that but i will keep along the same theme of a waterfall forest style.

Here are the knightmare wings that drove me crazy,
click pics for bigger image. more soon with the base
peace out!!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

High Elves!

Hey guys I've been working on the high elf prince on griffin miniature by GW its taking quite a while to paint but thats not at all bad as I'm going for quality on this mini as i love it so much. Progress is slow but man the wings were painfull to paint and drove me crazy the same thing over and over ....a feather...another feather... another bloody feather and so on, but they are done no pics though there not glued to the mini yet as they get in the way of the brush when painting. Once again I've forgotten to take a photo of the base to show you guys ...Doh! its a water fall themed base made with tree bark its cool so will remember next post to take a pic. will post some more soon I'm wanting to push on with this mini as I'm itching to get on with the base.
any comments are most welcome, hope you like it so far.