Monday, 25 November 2013

Hello fellow brush lickers!
                                       I've started work on the neromunda girl its been a little strange to paint after almost 2 months of not painting, the brush feels a little strange in my hand but making slow progress. After all the gd stuff i guess i needed a little break, i really don't know how army painter dudes paint none stop army's all day! I think my brain would melt.
Anyway here's a  few pics of my progress so far, is a little messy but i will tidy it up. Like i said a little out of touch but i feel the flow returning slowly.
  I|was thinking with this mini to show different ways of painting black! Her hair the leather gloves with a sheen and paint the main part of the gun with a worn look. To give the impression of texture.

 sorry for the bad pic by the way i was just a quick snap.
so i will paint some more very soon so more to come

Keep up the good work guys

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Necromunda Girl ! ! !

Hey guys
                Its good a last to be free with my painting once again, the last 6 months I've spent working souly on golden demon entry's and working to the rules of competition that can feel sometimes a bit restrictive, so now i can be free to do what i want which is cool.
So here is my next little project that i will call "necromunda girl" for now until i find a better title for it. i was thinking Level 22 or Level one or something like that but i will have to decide once the mini progresses and the story unfolds in my mind.
 The miniature is a classic GW necromunda house esher ganger with lasgun that i got from ebay at a good price.  Now this project will not be exactly a necromunda piece, im basing it very loosly on that world but it will have a bit of real world vibe in there too. i also plan to try some graffiti on the base also and have it looking all weatherd. so things that are fun to paint mainly.

                                                The miniature
Here is where I'm at with the base at the moment, although its been undercoated Ive since been back and added lots more details. screws,cables, microchip parts from an old busted phone,more bricks underneath
in the gutter part at the bottom. there will be pics next post of more details.
I'm planing to start painting tomorrow so more pics to follow soon.
keep up the good work guys,