Monday, 9 February 2015

MOTIVATION & Blightking 2

Good evening fellow brush lickers, ive recently been away from painting for a little while I haven't felt motivated to paint nor felt the urge. I thought a lot about ''motivation '' during my time off and for me personally I think just being plain tired from work is enough for me, I work around 11 hours a day this time of year and normally get up at 5.45am which sucks but it must be done. i've  noticed that this time last year on my blog there is also not much happening so I put it down to that.

The next thing about motivation that I concluded was pressure !! pressure to paint to a high standard and expectations of other people and myself to paint to a high standard, but what I came to realise is that this is not always possible with the free time I have probably 10 hours max a week painting time if im not tired out. and im not sure that its all that important now.
Im not one to drop names but its like roman from massive voodoo is always saying  about ''happy painting'' and I was confused about this for a long time but recently I have realised what it really means to just have fun don't worry to much about standards or opinions its my hobby at the end of the day not my job. it takes a massive amount of time and effort to paint a mini for golden demon for example probably for me about 4 months just working on one mini which can drive me crazy and bring the motivation way down for other projects. Its hard work painting like this so I plan from now on to enjoy my painting and not just try and excel on every model I paint.

So with that all said ive just finished the second blightking  yes painted for FUN not to impress others or push myself just plain old fun!
it took about 7 hours to finish it.

Fun is good motivation!!!

Oh and blightking 3 is on the way.
peace ,have fun

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