Monday, 28 November 2011

Space wolf

Hi all

Firstly you maybe thinking from the pic, what happened to njal stormcaller mini? well i lost patience with it to be perfectly honest. The cast was not good and the armour plates that are meant to be smooth were all rough and it was not fun at all to paint, i would even go as far as to say for me it was unpaintable. I'm really not impressed by these finecast minis hope i can find some better ones in the future. It needs much much more prep work and sanding down to get it good and smooth. Its in my bits box now where it will stay until i am ready to try again.

As im still fealing the space wolves vibe and ive built a base, my brother kindly gave me one of his space wolf minis to paint from his bits box. He has tons of minis and i mean alot as he is a collecter aswell as a painter and gamer so thanks bro. i will start work on it soon but its probably going to be a fairly fast paint job more for fun than anything. i was going to put alot of effort into the njal stormcaller mini but now with all the problems i just want to do some fun painting.

Also i was thinking lately about my painting and ive not been inspierd to paint much at the moment. I seam to be just painting minis straight out the box and that does not always grab my intrest. The thing i love the most with this hobby besides painting was always converting minis and trying to make something different to the norm. I like to see people do thier own interpritation of a mini and that inspires me to do the same and push myself to be better plus its more fun for me.
I plan next year to try my hand at some sculpting, ive done very little so far and its somthing i would like to try more of. i will try to sculpt some minis from scratch as this is something i always wanted to try. Anyways i will have some pics of the space wolf up soon

keep up the good work .

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