Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Set up.

Hey guys just thought that i should show you my set up and they way i work dont know why but maybe you might be interested.  I have a small home so have no space for a full time set up.  Ive had to be very organized, i keep all my stuff in boxes and i mean everything wich can be a real pain sometimes. It can take 10 minutes to get everything set up and ready to start painting.
I use a fold away picnic table to do my paintng as it can be set up in seconds and i sit on the sofa to paint so lots of back ache for me. Everything is stored away in cupboard after and out of the way of babies hands.

 All my paints have trays that they are stored in that slide into a specialy made box,  also my brushes tools glues weatering powder and stuff fit into to it aswell.  i keep all my spare miniature parts and new minis in a tool box that most of the time lives in the cupboard, also there is other stuff in there like primer /paint stripper and scenery stuff for bases and all that. Plus i got two crates of old minis and my armys from my gaming days that live in the garage over the road.

Well theres a small insight into my painting set up. I find it intersting to see how other people work so hopefully some of you will find something intresting in this.
keep up the good work.

p.s just started my 4th golden demon entry for this year. plus i feel like painting something fast again was loads of fun last time so more of that soon.

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Dark Tower said...

It's always interesting to se, how other painters work. I have the same situation as you - everything stored in boxes and making my set-up just before painting. Even the lamp is similar to mine - just have it bigger and on larger arm. Wish you luck in GD!