Monday, 14 March 2011

slowly slowly

Hey people it seams like things are a bit slow here on the blog. It seams like i havent posted anything for ages but i have been busy painting. I have started work on my golden demon entrys for this year im going to do a dreadnought and somthing else that im going to keep under raps for now. It will be major hard work to pull off but will be dope when its finished.
So i have some tight sceduels to stick to with the painting and its hard when you have a 7 month old son to look after aswell plus being knackerd from work and not having the energy to paint.

Anyways the dreadnought is still in the early stages at the mo so not worth sticking any pics up. I have a ton of minis to get stuck into later in the year but those are out off my mind at the mo, i have to give my full focus to my golden demon painting or i will never be satisfied with the end results and would never enter the mini into competition. Im trying to make some waves this year and get some recognition for my work. I paint for me, to please myself, i dont  paint to sell my minis but it would be nice to get somthing for my hard work. Also to make some painting buddys to share thoughts and ideas with.
so more pics and minis to come soon.
keep painting people.  :)  


Unknown said...

looking forward to seeing your WIP picures of he Dreadnought. Can I ask which Dreadnought it's based on?

Black Dagger said...

its the ironclad dreadnought from forge world. its going to be fire angels chapter from the badab war books(FW) white and red mostly well mostly white. i will put up some pics soom mate.

Unknown said...